Platformă de dezinfecție cu lumină ultravioletă UV-C BIOAIR REFLECT 220W - Magazinul tehnologiei luminii ultraviolete UV-C TECH

UV-C BIOAIR REFLECT 220W ultraviolet light disinfection platform

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UV-C ultraviolet light device for disinfecting air in large spaces. The overall sizes and the installed power of UV-C ultraviolet light are adapted by design to the specific conditions and requirements of each customer.


It reduces the risk of disease and achieves a healthy microclimate through intelligent disinfection :

100% ecological

It ensures human hygiene and environmental protection through UV-C ultraviolet light, without the use of chemicals

It does not produce ozone or other secondary, chemical or physical compounds

100% economical

Easy to install, use and maintain

It has low energy consumption

It eliminates the cost of disinfection supplies or the purchase of expensive antiseptics

It eliminates the effort made by human staff in the disinfection process

100% efficient

It destroys microorganisms harmful to human health (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in the air with maximum efficiency


Bacteria, viruses, mould spores, yeasts, algae, protozoa


It is forbidden to come into direct eye contact with the operating UV-C biocidal tubes!


- Equipped with 4× 55 W UV-C Bt ultraviolet light generating tubes

- Wavelength of UV-C ultraviolet light emitted by biocidal tubes : 253.7 nm

- Time of efficient operation of biocidal tubes until reduction of UV-C light by 15% : 9,000 hours

- “Bt” tubes are equipped with Teflon protection, to prevent the scattering of shards in case of accidental breakage

- The BIOAIR REFLECT disinfection platform is attached to the ceiling, with four stainless steel cables, at an adjustable distance from the ceiling, in front of the air flow from the ventilation installation of the respective premises.

- The product is accompanied by the User Manual in Romanian, Warranty Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, DEKRA Germany ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

- Warranty : 4 years

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